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We are excited to unveil something for small business marketing that might be a little radical…

a little different…

and maybe just a tad crazy.

We’re launching a new way of helping small business owners market their business.

Introducing The Prospector Club for Small Business Marketing

Small business owners have it rough.

You have great ideas, great products, and services – but you don’t have the “deep pockets” of Fortune 500 companies when it comes to a marketing budget.

There are few choices for small business marketing.

Either take your chances by hiring someone from a cheap creative site such as Fiverr or Upwork (and risk getting someone who may not have a firm grasp on the English language) – or spend hours trying to find a reputable marketing professional who won’t charge you a small fortune to work on your project.

We’ve developed a better alternative.

For over thirty years, we’ve written for a variety of marketing projects.

In-house newsletters, brochures, digital magazines, blogs, white papers, case studies, sell sheets, eNewsletters, emails, sales letters, and more.

We launched our own copywriting business in 2010 and we serve a diverse group of businesses that include cybersecurity, tech, HR consulting, CPAs, e-Commerce, sales trainers, food service, insurance, marketing agencies, and more.

Over the years, we noticed something.

When it came to small business marketing, many owners have a “one and done” approach.

They might outsource a website copy refresh, or create a case study or two.

But they don’t have a marketing strategy.

And they don’t implement marketing tactics consistently.

That’s where we come in.

The Catch-22 of Outsourcing Your Marketing

You already may know this but outsourcing your copywriting can be costly.

Allow us to explain why this is the case.

A copywriter worth their salt has put in hundreds of hours to develop their skills. This includes taking the time to read books, articles, magazines, newsletters… not to mention attending professional conferences.

It also includes training programs and coaches who help us improve our writing and selling skills.

So there is a tremendous value to you when you find such a copywriter who has developed her skill level to such a degree.

But the reason hiring a copywriter is considered an investment is the following:

  • A copywriter is skilled in the art of persuasion. Simply stated, copywriters know how to sell a product or service with words. When you know how to sell, you’re in demand by those who want more people to buy. Your desired outcome often will affect the fee: Do you want more exposure, more engagement, or more sales? If you want to engage your target market with a blog post, that blog article won’t typically be priced as high as a sales letter. Again… sales copy is the “King of the Mountain” when it comes to marketing assets.
  • A copywriter needs time to develop effective copy. How fast do you want it? If you’re looking to a copywriter to create a decent project, then you give them time to do it. Otherwise, if you need it yesterday… you’re going to pay a premium price.

You’re paying a copywriter for two things when you hire them: their expertise and their time.

So in other words, if you don’t want to pay a high fee, then you usually have to settle for lower quality.

Or a copywriter who will take their sweet time writing something for you.

Is there another way to get the copy you need at an affordable price?

As a matter of fact, yes… there is.

How Small Business Owners Can Get Quality Copy without Paying “Fortune 500” Fees

The answer is templates.

Now, before you ask – yes, templates work.

That is if you have the right templates.

Templates are often used as “shortcuts” for everything from sewing patterns to speech-writing to resumes.

There is a common concern, though.

Those who would like to use templates are worried that it comes across as a “cookie-cutter” solution that won’t differentiate them in the marketplace.

And differentiation is what your business needs to be noticed by your prospective buyer.

However, using a template doesn’t automatically mean you’re going to come across as a clone of everyone else using it.

The secret to templates is customizing them to fit your needs.

A good template simply gives you a smart springboard for your marketing. It avoids the awful “Blank Page” problem when you know you need to write something but not sure where to start.

And a template created by a knowledgeable, working-at-the-moment copywriter is even better.

You know that you’re getting a template that meets current best practices instead of someone who just became a “copywriter” yesterday.

The Prospector Club makes small business marketing easier. It offers small business owners quality copy for a fraction of the fees if you hired someone to write customized emails.

We provide step-by-step explanations of why it’s important to have certain sections included in your email.

You can then customize the emails with your own products and services references and add the appropriate links back to your website and landing pages.

With The Prospector Club, we believe we found the “best of both worlds” for both the small business owner and our copywriting services.

Small business owners are rightfully careful about their budget and track where their money is spent (and the ROI gained from investments). They – like most consumers – are looking for a great deal.

Although they’re the types of businesses who could benefit from professional copywriting, they rarely can afford the typical fees that seasoned copywriters charge.

[pullquote align=”normal”]Our answer is to provide high-quality templates with helpful tips and strategies so that small business owners can take advantage of having a ready-made solution on a monthly basis. [/pullquote]


And although a copywriter would love to help them, they can’t. When you have clients who are able to pay those higher fees, why make room in your schedule for a lower budget?

Our answer is to provide high-quality templates with helpful tips and strategies so that small business owners can take advantage of having a ready-made solution on a monthly basis.

The “on a monthly basis” is important, especially for small business marketing.

From our experience, too many small business owners know they need to generate email marketing consistently, but it doesn’t happen because (actual reasons we’ve heard):

  • I don’t have the time to create four emails per month
  • I don’t know what to say in my emails
  • I’m not sure email really works (usually said after only sending out one email per month or per quarter)
  • I’m afraid of sending out too many emails and then being labeled as a spammer

We want to help small business owners market their business more consistently.

And the only way that can happen is to provide a solution that offers affordability and quality.

We hope you check out The Prospector Club.

There are no contracts to sign, no paperwork.

Just sign up as a member and you’ll be charged on a monthly basis for a series of four templates per month. Plus… some bonuses along the way.

You can stop your membership at any time although we strongly recommend you stay with it for at least six months.

Remember, success is the product of longtime preparation to seize the opportunity when it arises.

In order to capitalize on your prospective buyer’s interest, you must capture their attention on a consistent basis. That consistency happens when you communicate with them on a regular basis.

Discover if The Prospector Club is right for you. Small business marketing finally gets a break! We’ll see you on the other side!


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