CPA firms that succeed understand their marketing needs assembly.

Over the weekend, I decided to finally search for a small bookcase I could put in the corner behind my desk.

You see, I’m a notorious “stacker.”

My desk is often filled with “stacks of stuff,” whether it’s books, papers, or magazines.

And I have a love/hate relationship with organization.

Part of me loves de-cluttering my environment. But then I often revert to my “stacks” because it’s easier (I guess).

Anyway… I found a great little cart at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Plopped down my 20% coupon and hauled that baby out the door.  Got it home and opened the box only to find…  No instructions.

Now you need to know that I’m also slightly obsessive about instructions.

I want to make sure I do things right.

Rarely will I “wing it” and hope for the best.

I’m a planner. A scheduler. And an off the chart “J” for all you Meyer-Briggs types.  (A “J” identifies someone who loves order.)

So I wasn’t thrilled at all that they forgot to add instructions. Even if the cart did look fairly straightforward to put together.

I took a look at the parts, figured out which end of the sides was designed for the small casters (wheels) to be screwed in, and then went to work screwing in hex nuts.

It took me a little more time only because the location for the hex nuts were close to the metal “lip” of the rail, which would hold a laminate shelf.

A few prayers to St. Joseph (since he was a carpenter, right?) and determined twists of the hex nuts, and finally I was finished.

I placed the shelves onto the cart and voilà! I finally had my small piece of furniture that fit perfectly in the corner!

I promptly took my stacks off the desk and placed them strategically on the cart’s shelves.

Items I wouldn’t refer to often are on the bottom shelf and my resource books are on the closest shelf to me.

The experience reminded me of today’s modern marketing strategies and tactics.

So much has changed and will continue to change.  “Assembly required” is a given.

But it’s much, much better to have instructions than just trying to “wing it.”

This is why I pulled together several service packages I call my “Firestarters.”

Now these aren’t cheap. They’re really designed for the serious business owner.

The kind of business owner who understands that today’s online marketing has a lot of moving parts that “need assembly” in order to make their business run smoothly (and make some moola).

Lots of opportunities to miss something you may need, too.

The packages give you an idea of what you need to successfully market your services online.

Some of these “parts” can be separated.

But if you really want the full power, you need to have all the parts working together at the same time.

If you’re wondering if your own “machine” could use a tune-up, contact me for a free chat.

I’m sure I can rustle up some “instructions” for you. And you won’t have to nick your own fingers in the process.

Assembling your success…

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