Good marketing from a "Limitless" source.

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that can make a difference.

Take Brian Finch, the main character in the TV show “Limitless.” (Sad face that this great series has been canceled.)

The TV show takes the plotline from the film “Limitless” (starring Bradley Cooper), which has Brian swallowing the Smartest Person in the World pill in order to solve FBI cases.

Once Brian takes NZT-48 pill, he can see all sorts of angles to complex problems.

A recent episode featured his handler, Mr. Sands, asking for his help.

Mr. Sands was an ex-MI6 agent, who now makes sure Brian stays on track by spying on the FBI from within.

Anyway… the two aren’t friends. But one night Mr. Sands shows up at Brian’s apartment, bloody and needing his help.

Turns out that Mr. Sands’ past has caught up with him and he’s being blackmailed into killing his former Special Forces team members.

Brian took NZT to figure out how to find the blackmailer, but he and Mr. Sands both knew that Brian couldn’t just open up a laptop and find this guy on Facebook.


Won’t work.

Brian has to find out more of the story from Mr. Sand.  So although Sand was reluctant to share with Brian his background and history (because he knows how to be secretive), he finally did.

Brian asked a lot of questions and was finally able to get to the bottom of the mess. He even ended up saving a kidnapped boy, too.

In other words, Brian knew that there were some pieces of information you just couldn’t  get from doing a Google search.

And other pieces of information you had to get straight from the horse’s mouth.

A great marketing model.   

You’re not going to find out everything about your prospective buyer from the Internet.

I mean, I love doing my online searches, but to me, nothing beats talking to a real person, face-to-face, and listening to him talk about what’s really bugging him.

A lot of business owners know that they should talk to their market more, but don’t take the time to do it.

But it can be very laid-back.

Nothing fancy.

Meet someone for coffee.

Or give one of your best clients a call and in the midst of the  conversation, ask a few questions about his  or her biggest challenges.

You’ll be able to solve all sorts of problems for them.

Set up a day during the week to do this. Make it a regular thing.

I guarantee you that your competitors aren’t doing this. They’re too absorbed in reports.

I also will let you know that if you get this sort of intel on your prospects, your copywriter (me) will adore you for it.

I’ll be able to take that information and wrap it up into some of the best sales copy your prospect has ever read.

They’ll be knocking over their desk lamps to contact you. You’ll be their new hero.

If you want to know the types of questions to ask, let me know. We’ll figure it out together.

Your secret spy for developing new business…

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