With the right highway, you can go anywhere...

With the right highway, you can go anywhere...

Years ago, I worked for a ministry school and wore a lot of hats.

A lot.

Academic advisor. Student pastor. Small group manager.

Teacher. Correspondence school manager. International conference organizer.

One day, after I left, I called the  subscription order line to let them  know of an address change and a  name change. I was now married.

Lisa, one of the students I worked with  in the school, congratulated me and  then said, “You know, some people are  wondering about you.”

“Oh?” I ask,. “about what?”

I could hear the smile in Lisa’s voice.

“They wondered how one person got so much done. Do you know they gave your job to three different people?”

I had to laugh.

There are many reasons why I got so much done.

The first and most important: I really didn’t have a life.

To me, my work was truly a vocation.

And I really did love what I was doing. However, it didn’t leave much time for anything else.

I started early in the morning and didn’t quit until around 11 PM at night.

But I will say that what allowed me to be truly productive was developing systems.

Systems allow you to put certain tasks on auto-pilot.

They allow you to accomplish things faster and with less effort.

I’m wired to enjoy figuring out how to create those systems and then leverage the heck outta them.

Maybe it comes from my father’s German heritage, but when I create a system, I like to create something that runs as smoothly as the Autobahn.

And guess what?

You can do the same thing with your marketing.

It all starts with a plan.

Routines and rituals. Processes.

Getting organized does require an investment of your time, but the payoff is so worth it.

If you’re looking to increase your sales, to get more customers and better customer retention, I have a few systems that may help.

Systems that will help automate your marketing (especially digital marketing) so you can almost “set it and forget it.”

If you want details, just let me know.

Your co-pilot on the highway of success…

Photo credit: Hannipic (PhotoArt Laatzen) via Foter.com / CC BY-ND

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