Looking for a perfect business match?

Looking for a perfect business match?

If you know a single person who is looking for love, you may want to share this one.

When I was a dating coach for single women over the age of 40, I’d have lots of questions about how to get someone to have those big pink-heart eyes when they looked at them.

Now you might think this doesn’t have much to do with business, but you’d be mistaken.

Think about it.

Business is about building trust.

Creating a mutually beneficial relationship.   

And growing.

I’d say that’s pretty doggone close to finding a true match in the romance department, am I right?


Here were some of the more popular questions I received:

Q: Mary Rose, what can I do to stand out from all the other single women looking for love? I don’t look like Angelina Jolie, after all… and this body ain’t gettin’ any younger!  

A: Even AJ had to have some personality in order to snag Brad Pitt. No one gets by in this life by looks alone and if it seems that way at first, trust me. It won’t last.

The philosophical answer is Nosce te ipsum.

Know Thyself.

The more practical answer: know what makes you unique and different.

Then capitalize the heck outta that knowledge!

Love to dance? Join dance clubs, dance groups, dance competitions.

Find whatever it is that rocks your boat and tear it up!

Don’t try to appeal to everyone. Know what makes you unique and then emphasize that truth. Those who are a “right fit” for you will naturally be drawn to you. And no one will be thinking of Angelina when it happens.

Q: Do I really have to get dolled up all the time?  

A: Only if you want to be noticed by men.

Now I don’t say this lightly. I’ve interviewed a lot of men.

I’ve attended singles events and chatted them up.

I’ve even asked men in Bob Evans during breakfast time what they look for in a woman.

Even at my uncle’s lavish grad party for my cousins, I asked a few well-heeled gentlemen what they notice in a woman and what attracts them.

Their answers may surprise you.

First, they’re not looking for Angelina Jolie (she’s taken, after all). But seriously, they look for a woman who looks nice…

… whose clothing doesn’t look like it was pulled from last night’s dirty laundry bag.

Who look like their hair has seen the business end of a brush that day.

And even if she’s carrying a little extra weight, if she’s wearing a nice outfit and it’s obvious she takes care of her appearance, it’s all good.

Now don’t kill the messenger! I know there are days when a woman is just flat-out busy. But taking care to look the best you can as often as possible is going to significantly increase the odds of catching attention.

Q: Mary Rose, I think I look pretty nice but still am having some issues attracting men. Is there something more I can still do?  

A: (And my dear reader, this is a real problem many older women had and still have.)

You do look great.

There’s only one small addition you need and if you do it, I believe you’ll be just fine.


Here it is:  Smile! 

Yes! Smiling is a HUGE “accessory” no woman should be without.

You know what I found when I studied a bunch of personal ads placed by men?

The #1 most common request?

They wanted to find a woman who knew how to have fun

Now… get your mind out of the gutter… (heh).

The men weren’t referring to that.

It was more of an attitude.

Men wanted women who knew how to laugh, how to enjoy themselves, who understood that life wasn’t one big chore to cross off their “To Do” list.

So start having some fun! If you’re not laughing several times a day, figure out what you can do to change that.

See the humor in life. Learn to let go of the heavy stuff you can’t change.

Most of the men I observe that are happy in relationships are with happy women who know how to laugh and not take life so seriously.

Women who know how to dream big and chase those dreams.

Women who are going somewhere in life and no one can keep ‘em down!

Energy, my friend.

Positive energy is one of THE most attractive aphrodisiacs out there.


If you’re sharp (which you are, because you’re reading this, right?), you’ll see all sorts of ways you can apply what I just wrote to your own business.

And if you need a little push in the right direction, our eBook, Get Happy, Write Away will certainly help.

There’s a section in this book called “Romance” that I wrote. It explains in a little more detail how to be a man-magnet. ;-)

So if you happen to be a single lady, you might like it.

And for those who think big, the entire book will give you Big Ideas on how to bring more happiness into your life.

Remember… people do business with those they know, like and trust.

Being happy will help you with that “liking” part.

At $3.99, you simply can’t go wrong.

Matching you with success…


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