Your prospect is looking for clarity. Are you giving it to them?

Your prospect is looking for clarity. Are you giving it to them?

There’s a weird phenomenon called the “old hag syndrome” (or “night hag”).

It affects some people when they sleep.

This strange occurrence makes a person feel as if someone is sitting on their chest as they sleep and paralyzes them.

Can’t move.

Can’t speak.

The person just lies there, frozen.  As though old Shelob – that  ghastly spider from the Lord  of the Rings – just stung you and you crumple helplessly to the ground.

It’s said wiggling your toes and fingers can sometimes help you come out of it.

Isn’t this the way your prospects may feel when they’re overwhelmed by bad marketing?



Websites that dump too much information onto their already wearied heads.

Web pages that hide necessary ‘next steps’ for someone to take.

It’s like the “bad marketing hag” is keeping potential buyers from talking and moving around.

And most importantly taking action.

But luck would have it that you’re now reading this post and I’ve got the cure.

There’s only one way to show the hag who’s in charge.

A secret weapon that repels the old marketing hag so she never darkens your doorstep again.

It’s called clarity.

Your prospect is struggling to get it.

Fighting for it.

And at the moment, they’re wondering if they’ll get any relief at all.

If you think you’ve got the “old marketing hag” syndrome, there’s only one thing to do.

Immediately set up an appointment with me.  

I have a system I’ve been quietly working on the past three months that I believe will help any business owner not only escape the hag’s  clutches, but put super-powers into their website.  

So wiggle your fingers and click here to schedule the call.

You’ll finally rest easy.

And your marketing won’t just freely move around… but soar.

~ Your ‘old marketing hag’ slayer, Buffy Mary Rose

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