Are prospects trampling your fields?

Are prospects trampling your fields?

You’d think an elephant wouldn’t be afraid of a teeny-tiny lil’ ole bumblebee.

You’d be wrong.

Elephants hate bees.

The thin skin of their calves is vulnerable to bee stings and so is the inside of the adult elephant’s trunk.

If they hear the buzz of bees… party’s over.

Them “gentle giants” (who can easily stomp a man to death) are going home.

In Africa the farmers have been having a heckuva time keeping elephants away from their tasty fields full of fruits and veggies.

They tried everything. Shouting. Lighting fires. Throwing stones and chili bombs. Banging drums, or releasing dogs.

As a last resort, they even tried hurling spears or bows and arrows ‒ which ran the risk of hurting villagers and the endangered animals in the process.

There didn’t seem to be a good solution until a bright zoologist, Dr. Lucy King, put together a clever idea that uses the elephant’s natural aversion to bees as a deterrent.

Thus was born “honey fences.”

Hives are hung every 30 feet and linked together. If an elephant touches one of the hives or the interconnecting wires… get ready. The beehives start a-swingin’ and the bees start a-stingin’.

An added bonus is that the hives give the farmers an extra product to sell.

Pretty cool, eh?

So what does this have to do with marketing?

Glad you asked.

You should consider having a “honey fence” for your business.

There are some prospects who are simply interested in stomping around your field, taking advantage of you and then leaving a big, fat mess behind.

Those are the types of prospects you don’t want.

You want to repel the ones who aren’t a good fit and attract the ones that are.  

And whaddaya know… You won’t have to scour your town for live beehives.

You can do it with words!  Need help choosing the right ones?

I may be able to help. Grab one of the spots on my schedule for a quick 15-minute marketing chat.

We’ll discover if I can get your marketing to float like a butterfly and sting like a… well… you know.

Helping you make more honey-money…

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Photo credit: Arno Meintjes Wildlife via / CC BY-NC-SA


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