Email marketing can be challenging...

Email marketing can be challenging...

A legal term.

It’s when a court makes an order, judgment, or decree.

I’ve noticed there’s a whole lotta adjudicating going on right now in the marketplace.

You’ll get it with certain prospects who don’t do due diligence.

I got it when “Jack,” signed up for my list and then unsubbed a whole three days later.

It’s not that unsubscribing from my list bothered me.

In fact, I actually love unsubs because I only want those on my list who are slobbering and drooling to grow their business.

But Jack just didn’t unsub quietly. Oh, no.

He labeled my emails as “spammy content.”

But here’s the kicker…  He didn’t open up one email.

Not one.

Which begs the question, does this guy even know what spam is?

As Dr. Phil says, somewhere there’s a village missing their idiot.

And good ol’ Jack is the CEO of a crowdfunding platform for YouTube artists.

This opens up s a whole series of questions… like how does someone so whiny and dense become a freakin’ CEO?  Who assumes things and doesn’t pay attention to a confirmation email that says this is a daily email list?

There’s a method to what I’m doing with my emails.

I’m not using the majority of my messages to tell subscribers in great detail about what I do for my clients.

It is not “mostly advertising.”  In fact, I work hard to create value by giving my subscribers marketing tips to employ… and make it a bright  spot in their day.

Aside from the obvious lesson here (don’t be a Jack), it’s also a nice reminder that if you’re an email marketer, you will get different people poking around to see if you can scratch their itch.

It’s good to repel the types who aren’t a good fit for what you offer.

It’s also good to offend those who are likely to become a pain in your tush. 

I’m happy to say my list is now filled with the coolest people… those who really want to make a dent in the universe.

I love helping people who want to launch themselves like a rocket. I will do everything I can to help.

If you want to learn more about how I help my clients make more money (with copywriting and marketing stuff), now’s the time.


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