SMB Owners: Marketing Doesn’t Have To Be Overwhelming.
Take Your Business To The Next Level. Get An UNFAIR ADVANTAGE That Can Grow Your Business In LESS Time,
Attract BETTER Clients and Enjoy HIGHER Profits!

If you’re a small business owner and want your marketing to generate leads that cause your phones to ring and cash register to sing… read on.

I’ve spent years studying marketing strategies and implementing the principles of copywriting,

You want to know the real secret to powerful marketing?

Big ideas.

Some wonder if the Big Idea is extinct. It’s not.

It’s just that few business owners and marketing professionals are willing to spend the time needed to master the process of tapping into the Big Idea.

Everyone is in a rush because they’re afraid Google
will leave the train station without them.

You see, I’m a problem solver. I’ve already helped dozens of clients figure out a better way to position themselves in the marketplace and would like to do the same for you.

Would you:

… Like to stop chasing clients and buyers and instead, have them come to you?

… Stop lowering your fees in order to make a sale?

… End the frustration of trying to write copy that works?

If you’re tired of the client being in charge of every transaction — not youthen you should seriously consider scheduling a consultation with me.

However, I don’t work with everyone who contacts me.
I get down to brass tacks. Marketing is serious business.
I make sure my clients get more than their money’s worth
when they contact me. I champ at the bit to get started.

Once I have a handle on your product or service,
your audience and your positioning, I can
create the right message for you.


I offer copywriting and marketing services. Here are a few popular ones:

The Bullseye Website Audit

BullseyeWebsiteAuditIs your website’s content giving you the results you want?

Is it generating leads? Converting traffic? Or helping you get more clients and customers?

If you’re not sure, you need The Bullseye Website Audit.

This thorough review of the home page and main sub-pages will focus on your sales copy, SEO data and keyphrase use, and ease of use.

We will:

  • Identify opportunities for improved search rankings and increased conversions/sales. This includes a review of your page headlines, content, and “action elements” such as videos, opt-in forms, or downloadable content.
  • Review your traffic reports and critique your competition.
  • Review the messaging for your home page and sub-pages.
  • Check for standard navigation style, expected button names, the minimum number of clicks to arrive at an order page, etc.
  • Provide screenshots of the current website plus search engine results.
  • Add notes to the screenshots, pointing out findings and areas for improvement.
  • Clarify industry jargon you may need to use (so your prospect understands your message).
  • Include a clear, bulleted list of content strengths (what’s working) and barriers to success (what’s not working).
  • Provide a clear list of specific recommendations.
  • Provide basic Keyword Review.
  • Summarize the overall findings and give you clear instructions for what’s next.

At the end, you’ll have a clear, detailed report defining your current status, suggestions for improvement, and a Custom Content Strategy to help you move forward.

For more details, fill out the contact form and we’ll reply within 48 hours.


The “Firestarters” Service Packages

They’re meant to quickly build momentum for your marketing and set your sales “on fire!”

Click here to learn more.
I take time getting to know my clients. Here’s what I look for:

First, your business must be in operation for at least three years.

Second, if you’ve been in business that long, the next step is a paid consultation. All potential clients go through this process before we decide to work together.

Third, the requirement for this 30-minute consultation is to complete a short questionnaire, return it to me, and pay a non-refundable fee of $300. Even if we don’t work together, you’ll receive fresh ideas on how to improve your marketing and possible resources to explore. If we do work together, the $300 will be credited toward the first project.

You may download the questionnaire by clicking here and saving it. My email address is included in the document.

Email me and I’ll respond promptly to schedule our meeting.

Mary Rose “Wildfire” Maguire
Direct Response Copywriter
Digital Marketing Consultant