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If you’re looking to make more money with your website, generate more “Big Ideas,” and overall create a more fulfilling, richer life… then you’ll be happy you landed on this page.

We have a collection of resources that can help you.

Most of these are books. The ‘Wildfire’ Maguire products include membership to a private Facebook marketing group.

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‘Wildfire’ Maguire Products

BigMarketingIdeaBookcover200“The BIG Marketing Idea Book: Ignite winning IDEAS, get MORE hot breakthroughs and ELECTRIFY your business IN JUST 30 DAYS”

This is a 30-page eBook with 30 pages of daily worksheets to guide you toward thinking up more “BIG Ideas.”

Thinking up “Big Ideas” is going to be the difference between you being an industry leader vs. an “also-ran.” As popular speaker, author, and famous entrepreneur, James Altucher, has said, “Ideas are the currency of the twenty-first century”

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CASHLandingCover“CASH Landing: How To Write Landing Pages And Squeeze Pages That Will Make Your Sales EXPLODE!”

When someone visits your website, do you have a way to capture their contact information?

If not, you need to learn how to create a “squeeze page” that will allow you to capture someone’s email address.

Once you have their email address, you’ll then be able to keep in touch with them and promote your products and services.

You also need to use a “landing page” to get sales.

In this helpful package, you’ll get everything you need to know in order to create you own stunning squeeze pages and landing pages! Clear and simple instructions, templates, and headline help… it’s all there.

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Books by Mickey Maguire

SecretMindTricksNinja Mind Tricks: Take Control of Your Life with the Secret Mental Powers of Japan’s Shinobi Warriors”

Hollywood bestows upon the ninja seemingly god-like powers. You will see all sorts of exaggerated combat techniques depicted in movies. While some of them have a basis in fact, most of them are too outlandish to take seriously. What movie makers have overlooked completely, is the mental discipline of real ninja warriors from ancient Japan. Aside from a few hand gestures, they show nothing of the mental teaching of shinobi-no-mono, the Ninja.

Mickey Maguire teaches you how to overcome fear, uncertainty, and doubt using the mental discipline of the Ninja. Become a fortress of iron will and determination. Learn how the Ninja have used these amazing powers to perceive the imperceptible and influence the will of others.

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ArtandCraftofRomance“The Art and Craft of Romance: A Gentleman’s Guide to Romancing A Lady”

Many people believe genuine romance is dead. No, it’s not!

Genuine romance, in the classical sense, is alive and well, but, it is kept in the hands of a few masters of the art. The Art and Craft of Romance will teach you how to write romantic love letters and love poems that will warm the coldest heart. The book covers romantic prose, poems, even love songs. Learn how to masterfully weave a tapestry of descriptive images into the mind of your lady.

This book is not for the pick-up artist. This is the real deal. If you want to write love letters and poetry like the masters of the Romantic Period, this book will help you achieve that goal.

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GHRAwidg“Get Happy, Write Away”

Don’t buy this book if you don’t want to be happy, find the love of your life, get your “dream job” and have all your dreams come true! Mickey and Mary Rose Maguire teach you how to find your passion in life. Discover the life you’ve always wanted by using a simple self-actualization method that will help you understand yourself and overcome

Mickey and Mary Rose Maguire teach you how to find your passion in life. Understand yourself and overcome the fear of failure, frustration, and cynicism– replacing these with positive thinking, winning performance, and an attitude of gratitude.

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