Introducing “Wildfire” Maguire’s
Platinum Marketing Asset System
For Web Copy

Finally... Great Choices (And Service) For When You Need To Hire A Copywriter To Write Your Web Copy

Let’s be honest.

Hiring a copywriter can be confusing.

What’s involved? How does this work? What exactly does a copywriter do?

And how do you make sure you’re not getting ripped off?

As a marketer for over 30 years and a self-employed copywriter for seven of those years, I’d like to explain a few things.

  • Not all copywriters are created equal
  • Not enough copywriters clearly communicate their value to their clients
  • Clients have many copywriters to choose from but aren’t sure what is included

I’ll address the “elephant in the room,” first.

If you’re ONLY concerned about getting the cheapest copy possible, then realize you’re taking a risk.


Because good copy takes time to create.

Effective copy takes insight, experience, and a highly-developed skill-set to create a message that will resonate with your target market AND persuade them to buy your product and/or services.

If you want your investment to truly give you the ROI you want, you want quality copy.
The kind of copy that will hook your prospective buyer’s attention and compel them
to stick around and investigate your offer.

So, without further ado, my new servicing model:

Introducing ‘Wildfire’ Maguire’s Platinum Marketing Asset System For Web Copy… The ORIGINAL Marketing and Copywriting Process Approach That Simplifies Your Marketing


Here’s the process:

There are three main phases: Client Onboarding, Copy Creation, and Revisions.

First Phase: Client Onboarding

Most companies have an employee onboarding process. It allows the employee to understand the expectations of the employer and receive training to quickly meet organizational goals.

Good copywriters will also have an onboarding process for new clients. I want to ensure that you get the strongest ROI from your project. In order to accomplish this, I need to ask you questions about your business and your marketing strategy.

This is the initial phase of working with me and will lay a good foundation for your project’s success.

The onboarding process consists of a questionnaire and then, depending upon the level of service you choose, a phone conversation.

Second Phase: Copy Creation

Creating copy usually will take at least one week if it’s template-based and longer for customized copy.

Based on your questionnaire’s answers and feedback given (for Silver and Platinum clients), plus any marketing resources you share, I will combine it with my experienced research skills to create copy that will accomplish your marketing goals.

Creating copy takes time.

It is, by nature, a creative process.

This means that usually, my best ideas come when I’m not at my desk. And the ideas need to “percolate” before I feel they are ready to be shown to you.

Patience is not only a virtue but the key to your success. I will respond quickly to email queries but the creation process takes at least a week to produce a first draft.

Third Phase: Copy Revision

Template-based Gold Option copy will not receive any revisions.

If you are a Diamond or Platinum client, you will receive either one set of revisions or two. You will receive the copy in a Word document. Simply use the Track Changes feature to add comments and requests for changes.

Revised copy usually will be delivered back to you within 2 – 3 days.

A friendly reminder: When reviewing your web copy, you will be tempted to show it to everyone whose opinion you value… your employees, your significant other, your niece who is a bookworm… And then you’ll take everyone’s comments and try to include them in your copy.

Trust me. Unless your employees, significant other or niece is your target market, their opinion (while seemingly helpful) won’t mean much.

The only way we’ll truly be able to tell if the copy resonates with your target market is publishing it and monitoring the response.

Experienced copywriters will tell you this:

Often, the copy you think will get great results sometimes doesn’t while the copy you’re not sure about (or don’t like but test anyway) will perform like gangbusters.

Finally, writing copy is like painting an oil portrait. There will always be “one more thing” to tweak. Eventually, you have to let it go and say “finished.”

It doesn’t mean you can’t tweak the copy at a later date. But usually, two revisions should be enough to communicate accurately your marketing message.

‘Wildfire’ Maguire’s Platinum Marketing Asset System:
3 Service Options

Designers and writers have a saying, “Fast, cheap, good… pick two.”

Creating good copy takes time. However, I understand the need for options.

Here are three to choose from: (NOTE: Copy length up to 500 words per page)

Gold Option
  • Client onboarding questionnaire only
  • Template-style copy
  • 3 original headlines
  • No research
  • No phone calls, only email communication
  • No revisions

$125/per pg.

Diamond Option
  • Client onboarding questionnaire and phone call
  • Template-style copy
  • Light topic research
  • 3 original headlines
  • 1 set of revisions
  • The “20 Questions Treatment*”
  • Phone kick-off call to hash out ideas, then email communication only after

$375+/per pg.

Platinum Option
  • Client onboarding questionnaire and phone call
  • Original copy
  • Full research – topic and target market
  • 5 original headlines
  • 2 sets of revisions
  • The “20 Questions Treatment*”
  • Phone kick-off call with concepting and ongoing phone calls (or Skype calls) as needed, plus email communication
  • Implementation consultation
  • Bonus guide on how to create powerful headlines
  • ”Fill In the Blank” Headline Generator
  • Follow-up coaching call to see how the copy is performing, and offer more marketing ideas and resources

$625+/per pg.

(*”The 20 Questions Treatment” is my term for asking you a lot of questions. I need to get a deep understanding of where you are with your marketing in order to get you the results you want.)

If you are ready to move foward with developing copy for your website, now is the time to contact me. My schedule often fills up fast, so it’s a great idea to get a conversation started today.

Just visit my Contact Page, fill out the form, and I’ll respond.

See you on the other side!