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Take a risk.

Daring to Scale the Side of the Marketing Mountain

When I attended the University of Dayton, I saw a flyer one day that advertised a rappelling class, sponsored by the ROTC. Rappelling is a controlled descent down a vertical drop – whether it’s a building or the side of a mountain or gorge. I remember standing on the edge of the four-story building and slightly leaning backwards as […]

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Periscope LIVE Today at 2:00 PM EST: #HopeInAScope – A Client’s View of a Problem Freelancer

Did you know that several times a week I do a LIVE video chat ON MY PHONE with marketers like YOU, talking about copywriting, marketing, email marketing and answering YOUR questions… for FREE!?!?! Yeah.  I was wondering why you weren’t showing up. :-) Well, now you know… and you have NO EXCUSE… You need to be on these calls LIVE! Today’s topic […]

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Create an e-newsletter that engages your clients and prospects.

How to Create an e-Newsletter Your Subscribers Will Love

Some of you may already have an e-newsletter. However, if you don’t, you may be wondering if it’s worth it and if so, how do you get started? It is definitely worth it. Sending a monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly e-newsletter to your subscriber list will help them think of you when they need your services. […]

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Content Marketing

5 Ways To Create Unique Content Marketing

You may understand that content marketing should be a part of your marketing strategy. But what is content marketing? Content marketing is the creation of original content that can include: website copy, blogs, videos, social media, white papers, case studies, webinars, and customer testimonials to name a few. Anything that includes a message about your […]

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