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You need ideas to move the needle for your business. Lots of them.

Take the #300Ideas Challenge

I’ve had a huge mind shift this week. It’s the kind of transformational shift in thinking that you read about from guys like Tony Robbins or Oprah. These types of shifts don’t come around every day, but when they do, you just KNOW you’ve got to respond. Change the way you do things. And take massive action. This (lengthy) […]

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Take a risk.

Daring to Scale the Side of the Marketing Mountain

When I attended the University of Dayton, I saw a flyer one day that advertised a rappelling class, sponsored by the ROTC. Rappelling is a controlled descent down a vertical drop – whether it’s a building or the side of a mountain or gorge. I remember standing on the edge of the four-story building and slightly leaning backwards as […]

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If you want to be a marketing force of nature, you need some prep time...

Nonagenarian Fashionista Is A Smart Marketer

—– Expressed by people unafraid of criticism, creative vision is responsible for the shape of civilization today. It has brought every advancement in thought, science, and mechanics that allows our current standard of living.   It inspires you to pioneer and experiment with new ideas in every field. It is always on the lookout for better ways […]

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