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Want to keep clients from leaving your CPA practice? It just takes a little care and attention...

7 Ways a CPA Can Stop Clients From Leaving

Years ago, a major retailer in our city ticked me off.  My husband had bought some software. But he discovered later that it wasn’t compatible with his computer’s operating program. In fact, it caused problems and he wondered if the installation disk itself wasn’t corrupted since he had found fingerprints on it. To put this […]

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Victory belongs to those who can adapt to the future.

The Digital Shoe Queen

A fashion shoe designer recently made this statement: “I realized I should have brought this concept  directly to the consumer. She lives in digital, and we’re operating in analog.” The comment was made by Tamara Mellon, co-founder of the highly covetable fashion shoe line, Jimmy Choo. She ran into trouble in 2013 with her investors when it became obvious […]

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Successful promotions begin with great copywriting partnerships.

Battle Strategies for Copywriters & Business Owners

  There’s a rumbling going on in Marketing Land. And it has to do with copywriting, copywriters and business owners. Most copywriters have a genuine desire to help a business owner get results – whether it’s direct sales or engagement with their website visitors. But business owners are realizing they need something different. And copywriters are […]

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Be careful of what you do at work. Someone is always watching.

Brand Lessons: Don’t Use the Stairwells to Smoke, Drink, Eat, or…

The title for this post was actually included in an email to a startup company in San Francisco. “…Don’t use the stairwells to smoke, drink, eat or have sex.” The HR software company, Zenefits, had to send an uncomfortable email out to its employees recently after discovering… um… proof that too  much partying was going on in their […]

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Business Owners: Don’t hire a gorilla to pack your boxes

In 1971, American Tourister came out with a brilliant TV commercial. It showed a guy shoving an orange American Tourister suitcase inside a cage and shutting the door just before a huge gorilla came out. The narrator said this: Dear clumsy bellboys, brutal cab drivers, careless doormen, ruthless porters, savage baggage masters, and all butter-fingered luggage handlers, all over the world… Have we […]

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You can think you're a rock star. Just don't tell everyone you're one.

Secret Copywriter Interview Taught Me How to Win Friends and Clients

I recently purchased an interview between a well-known A-list copywriter and one of his clients, who also is a direct marketer. The topic was how to hire great freelance copywriters. I’m a direct response copywriter, so I’m not in the business of hiring freelance copywriters. However, I was very curious to hear thoughts from the […]

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