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Tips for how to make someone feel acknowledged.

Used and Abused by “No-nuffins”

Recently, I met someone interesting at a networking event. He’s a real go-getter. On fire for his business and working hard. But his people skills sucked. He momentarily preened himself as he talked about his own successes but made no attempt to learn about me. He asked no questions, demonstrated no curiosity, and showed no courtesy as he […]

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Successful promotions begin with great copywriting partnerships.

Battle Strategies for Copywriters & Business Owners

There’s a rumbling going on in Marketing Land. And it has to do with copywriting, copywriters and business owners. Most copywriters have a genuine desire to help a business owner get results – whether it’s direct sales or engagement with their website visitors. But business owners are realizing they need something different. And copywriters are realizing […]

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Marketing lessons from an Idaho corn farm boy.

You Can Watch ‘Game of Thrones’ Because of This Marketing Secret

The Cowboy and I discovered a fascinating series by National Geographic called “American Genius.” And as usual, I immediately picked up on a marketing “secret” that honestly isn’t used often enough. We watched the story about a young, brilliant scientist named Philo Farnsworth. Not exactly a household name. But every time you flip on the TV, […]

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