Blogging takes a lot of work. Here's a way to make sure your hard work pays off.

Got “Blog Fatigue?” Here’s How To Conquer It And Still Get Website Leads

So you’ve got a website.  And a blog which you hope gives you website leads. But you feel something is missing… You may “sort of” update your blog every once in awhile. Other than your service pages, that’s about the extent of your online content. If you have more than that, congratulations! Because you’re truly in the minority. Most businesses […]

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You can learn big lessons at live events.

The Biggest Marketing Insight I Learned From Attending Live Events

In October, I attended three conferences. Three! This… after not traveling to any conference in three years. The first one was a writing retreat in Vermont, which was more like a very intimate conference. It lasted three and half days. The second was a one-day conference for women copywriters, held in Delray Beach, Florida. And […]

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Business owners need to carefully choose who will handle their copywriting.

10 Shocking Secrets Agencies Don’t Want Business Owners to Know About Content Creation

Let me tell you a story. I’m a copywriter. Most of the time I work directly with a business owner or a marketing manager. But sometimes I work with agencies that outsource their content creation to copywriters like me. Recently, I spoke with a prospective client – a woman who owns her own marketing agency. […]

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Catching clients is easier when you know what they want.

The ‘Halt and Catch Fire’ Way to Catch Clients

I love the TV series “Halt and Catch Fire.” Set in the 80’s, the show is a fictionalized account of the personal computer revolution. The title refers to computer machine code instruction “HCF.”  When executed, the computer’s central processing unit would stop working and “catch fire,” (an inside joke for coders). Cardiff Electric is the fictional software company pulled into developing […]

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