Business owners need to carefully choose who will handle their copywriting.

10 Shocking Secrets Agencies Don’t Want Business Owners to Know About Content Creation

Let me tell you a story. I’m a copywriter. Most of the time I work directly with a business owner or a marketing manager. But sometimes I work with agencies that outsource their content creation to copywriters like me. Recently, I spoke with a prospective client – a woman who owns her own marketing agency. […]

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Catching clients is easier when you know what they want.

The ‘Halt and Catch Fire’ Way to Catch Clients

I love the TV series “Halt and Catch Fire.” Set in the 80’s, the show is a fictionalized account of the personal computer revolution. The title refers to computer machine code instruction “HCF.”  When executed, the computer’s central processing unit would stop working and “catch fire,” (an inside joke for coders). Cardiff Electric is the fictional software company pulled into developing […]

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Want to keep clients from leaving your CPA practice? It just takes a little care and attention...

7 Ways a CPA Can Stop Clients From Leaving

Years ago, a major retailer in our city ticked me off.  My husband had bought some software. But he discovered later that it wasn’t compatible with his computer’s operating program. In fact, it caused problems and he wondered if the installation disk itself wasn’t corrupted since he had found fingerprints on it. To put this […]

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One of the most compelling reasons people buy.

What Compels Your Prospect to Buy? One Reason…

Why do people buy? First, a slight detour into Middle Earth… We’re huge J.R.R. Tolkien fans. Lord of the Rings is freely spoken in our home. When the films were made from the books, we eagerly anticipated each one. Both the book and films contain great lessons, but one in particular really touched me. For those who haven’t seen […]

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Tips for how to make someone feel acknowledged.

Used and Abused by “No-nuffins”

Recently, I met someone interesting at a networking event. He’s a real go-getter. On fire for his business and working hard. But his people skills sucked. He momentarily preened himself as he talked about his own successes but made no attempt to learn about me. He asked no questions, demonstrated no curiosity, and showed no courtesy as he […]

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