Small Business Owner: Offer a Lavish, Over-The-Top Choice

Small business owner, make sure you offer a luxury choice.

The lavish aspirations of some people can be pretty funny.

Take tires, for instance.

Sure, you can buy the Nitto Invo Luxury Sport Radial Tire for just a mere $370 a pop. I mean, that’s okay for most cars.  But what about a tire encrusted with gold and diamonds?

Now that’s elite!

Dubai (where else?) produced their first set of tires with 24-carat gold leaf and embedded diamonds.  Each tire features the sparkling stones in the firm’s logo. Gold leaf was placed around the edges in a checker pattern.

They were first designed in Dubai and then transported to Italy, where an artisan jeweler decorated the tires with diamonds.  After that, the four tires were shipped back to Dubai where gold leaf was applied by the same guy who worked on Abu Dhabi’s presidential palace.

The price? A mere $600,000.

I mean, really… who wouldn’t want to pay half a mil for a set of diamonds ‘n gold tires?

The luxury tire company donated the money to the Zenises Foundation, which focuses on improving access to education around the globe. Which is a lovely gesture.

Still, I want to know how fast that person is going to drive with a bunch of diamonds on his tire?

And will he take the car on the highway?  I want to know.

Because then I could stalk the edge of the highway for diamonds…

(Sounds like the making of a good song. Out here on the highway… sparkling diamonds in the air…)

The moral of this story is that if you create something elite, something that most people wouldn’t want or couldn’t afford…  … you can be sure that SOMEONE will buy it if you position it right.

And if it’s marketed to the right audience. Dubai is known for its outlandish extravagance. University parking lots are filled with cars that cost six-figures to own.

They’ll gold-plate just about anything over there.

How can you use this information? Pull a Neiman-Marcus.

The high-end retail store Neiman-Marcus puts out a Christmas Catalog every year, filled with luxury gifts. They also include items that only a billionaire could afford.

Do many people order these over-the-top expensive gifts?

No. But it only takes one half-million dollar sale to make it worth Neiman-Marcus’ time to include it in their selection of gifts.

One such item from their 2017 Christmas Catalog was His & Hers Rolls Royce Limited Edition Dawn Coupes ($439,625 & $445,750).

I have no doubt someone bought those as a treat for themselves and a loved one.

Or do what Starbuck’s used to do.

Starbuck’s sells gallons of coffee that cost pennies to make yet the charge dollars.  However, when they had an online store, they also sold a $1,295 Nuova Simonelli® professional-grade espresso coffee machine on their site.

Believe me, someone bought those machines.

If you don’t have a “luxury model” of whatever you offer, why not?

Those who have the money to buy expensive items buy them because they can.  It’s a psychological thrill for them. And you might be missing out on all the fun.

What’s really a kick is writing copy for these items.

Performance… commercial-grade components… professional… ease and style…

That copy makes even the biggest coffee snob drool with anticipation.

If you want your product or service to play in that expensive, but “daggone-that’s-a-fine-cup-o’-coffee” arena,  let me know.

We’ll create the best-tasting copy around.

Serving up aromatic sales copy for smart business owners, all day, every day.

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