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Successful promotions begin with great copywriting partnerships.

Battle Strategies for Copywriters & Business Owners

  There’s a rumbling going on in Marketing Land. And it has to do with copywriting, copywriters and business owners. Most copywriters have a genuine desire to help a business owner get results – whether it’s direct sales or engagement with their website visitors. But business owners are realizing they need something different. And copywriters are […]

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If you want your marketing to get a strong ROI, invest in relationships.

Are You Ready to Amplify Your Return on Relationships?

Here’s something just for kicks.  Since I had some fun sharing my uncensored opinion about B2B marketing, I thought I’d follow it up with some brand spankin’ new business buzzwords. Here are a few (and my comments): Amplify: This is used instead of “grow” or “increase” attention or social shares. (I come from a family of musicians and married one. “Amplify” […]

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