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Why I Dig the ‘Brian Finch’ Marketing Model

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that can make a difference. Take Brian Finch, the main character in the TV show “Limitless.” (Sad face that this great series has been canceled.) The TV show takes the plotline from the film “Limitless” (starring Bradley Cooper), which has Brian swallowing the Smartest Person in the World pill in order to solve […]

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Marketing lessons from an Idaho corn farm boy.

You Can Watch ‘Game of Thrones’ Because of This Marketing Secret

The Cowboy and I discovered a fascinating series by National Geographic called “American Genius.” And as usual, I immediately picked up on a marketing “secret” that honestly isn’t used often enough. We watched the story about a young, brilliant scientist named Philo Farnsworth. Not exactly a household name. But every time you flip on the TV, […]

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Writing is work. So is marketing.

Writing On a Beach, My Foot…

Recently I had a conversation with another copywriter about working your business. (He’s a copywriting coach.) We joke about a famous tagline from a writing organization: “Live ‘the writer’s life.’” Because they paint such a beautiful picture: Imagine sitting on a beach with your laptop… Relaxing near a pool with some fruity cocktail that has an umbrella in […]

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