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Does your website pass the time test?

Is Your Website Visitor Doing the Time Warp Again?

The only thing we have that we can’t make any more of… is time. – Dean Kamen, inventor and entrepreneur And no, Dean Kamen, the inventor of the Segway, did not fly off a cliff and die as he was riding his cool little machine. But he’s definitely right about time. It’s the one thing we can’t create. In 2007, Gary Small, a UCLA […]

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The Day I Died Onstage

I stood frozen on the wooden stage. About a hundred librarians tasked with hiring professional speakers for their programs stared back at me. I was desperately trying to prove that as a public speaker, I was worthy. But I wasn’t. I was going down in flames. To give this story context, at the time I belonged to both Toastmasters International and the National […]

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Getting leads is still a hot tamale for business owners.

Why I Believe Lead Generation is Still a Hot Tamale

A few months ago, I had an opportunity to connect with a true SEO expert. He told me something quite astounding. He said his clients and prospects are budgeting 50% of their revenue to create leads. Fifty-freakin’ percent. Notice he didn’t say: 50% of their budget to build brand awareness…   50% of their budget to create some snazzy app…   Or 50% of their […]

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Are prospects trampling your fields?

Prowling Pachyderm Prospects

You’d think an elephant wouldn’t be afraid of a teeny-tiny lil’ ole bumblebee. You’d be wrong. Elephants hate bees. The thin skin of their calves is vulnerable to bee stings and so is the inside of the adult elephant’s trunk. If they hear the buzz of bees… party’s over. Them “gentle giants” (who can easily stomp a man to death) are going home. In Africa […]

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How are you positioning yourself in the market?

The One BIG Thing Business Websites Desperately Need

A few months ago, I met with a man who wants to launch his own video company. He’s very creative. He currently helps families preserve the memories of their family members. He does this by visiting with them, tapes an interview and then uses their photos (in the editing process) to enrich the story. I thought it was a great […]

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Email marketing can be challenging...

Confessions of an Email Marketer: Premature Adjudication

Adjudication.  A legal term. It’s when a court makes an order, judgment, or decree. I’ve noticed there’s a whole lotta adjudicating going on right now in the marketplace. You’ll get it with certain prospects who don’t do due diligence. I got it when “Jack,” signed up for my list and then unsubbed a whole three days later. It’s not that unsubscribing from my list bothered me. In fact, I […]

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Swimming Toward Success With The Shark Tank

Recently I joined our local fitness center. So far, I’m just working the treadmill since I sit so much in my line of work. It’s become my “idea percolator” time. See, as I’m walking on the treadmill, I catch up on all my marketing podcasts and occasionally listen to an audio book. I also place a little Moleskine notebook in the treadmill’s tray because often, the podcast or […]

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Sell the customer's pain.

The Man in Black’s Sales Secret

Buttercup: You mock my pain.  Man in Black: Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something. Sales Lessons From The Man In Black So many lessons… “The Princess Bride” has to be one of my absolute favorite movies. It is for a lot of people. Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true […]

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