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Are your headlines doing the heavy lifting?

Is Your Business Missing Its Big, Fat Billboard?

One of the most common mistakes I see on web pages is so simple… so obvious… that it always surprises me. You’d think a company would realize their web page was missing a key ingredient. I mean… it’s like trying to bake a cake and then forgetting the flour. That kind of obvious. The mistake? No headline for the page. […]

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Is your marketing on life support?

3 Mistakes That Put B2B Marketing on Life Support

I sat in my office chair, slightly stunned by what I’d just heard my client say. We were discussing the development of a marketing project and specifically, the points of a product page. The audience: C-level executives. And I had done my research to discover their most pressing concerns. My copy reflected that. But my client didn’t want it. Instead, […]

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Yes, you can persuade a pirate to do something, as long as you have what he wants.

How to Out-Pirate a Pirate and Win Marketing Booty

Brian Finch is my new hero. He’s the main character of the new TV series, “Limitless.” Brian works with the FBI as an unconventional consultant. It was discovered that he could take NZT-48 (a special pill that turbo-charges his brain to 100% capacity), without dying. He’s so smart he’d make Einstein look like the village idiot. […]

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To become an idea generator, you need the right fuel.

How to Become An Idea Generator

Sometimes my subscribers ask me this question: “Mary Rose, how do you come up with all your ideas?” Good question. Brian Kurtz, who was the Executive V.P. of Marketing at Boardroom, Inc. for almost 34 years (one of the top direct marketing companies in the U.S.), said this about copywriters: “One of the most important traits a copywriter can have is a […]

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Business Owners: Don’t hire a gorilla to pack your boxes

In 1971, American Tourister came out with a brilliant TV commercial. It showed a guy shoving an orange American Tourister suitcase inside a cage and shutting the door just before a huge gorilla came out. The narrator said this: Dear clumsy bellboys, brutal cab drivers, careless doormen, ruthless porters, savage baggage masters, and all butter-fingered luggage handlers, all over the world… Have we […]

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The One Marketing ‘Ring’ to Rule Them All

“You can do homework from now until doomsday, but you will never win fame and fortune unless you also invent big ideas.” – David Ogilvy, Ogilvy on Advertising Marketing ideas might be a dime a dozen but a big idea can be worth millions. David Ogilvy founded the ad agency, Ogilvy & Mather, in 1948. He was the most sought-after […]

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