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How well do you know your buyer?

Great Marketing Needs This To Succeed

Many business owners understand the importance of written communication. However, quite a few believe that you just need to write about your product and service in a compelling way and BOOM! Done. Except this isn’t exactly true. Great Marketing Focuses On Customer Knowledge In order to persuade someone, to motivate them and to sell them […]

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John Keating knew how to get attention.

Marketers: If You Want Attention, Focus On Your Audience’s Heart – Not Mind

This is going to be a quick riff on a recent post by Gary Vaynerchuk, “When Will Marketers Talk About Attention, Not Impressions?” It’s the same message I give to my clients and newsletter readers about email marketing. Open rates can be deceiving. Many people will click on an email just before deleting it. So […]

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Give your audience some quan and you'll have them for life.

Are You Someone’s ‘Ambassador of Quan?’

Do you know what “quan” is? Ever see the film, “Jerry Maguire?” Jerry Maguire (played by Tom Cruise) is a highly successful sports agent. He’s got it all. A gorgeous fiancée. A powerful career. Lots of money. Until one day, he came up against the wall. He started to question everything – his purpose, his […]

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Oscar Peterson genius

Why Copywriters Are the Jazz Musicians of the Marketing World (and English Majors the Classical Pianists)

  I discovered something interesting about A-list direct response copywriters. They have a thing for jazz. And to be honest, it’s not a surprise. Jazz music is – by nature – experimental. It’s improvisational, playful, daring. It gets into a car to take a drive, not worrying about the destination but enjoying the ride. It […]

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