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For the new Agile Marketing, the need for speed is a requirement.

The New Agile Marketing Method

In February 2001, a bunch of software developers got together in Snowbird, Utah to discuss lightweight development methods. They published the Manifesto for Agile Software Development to define what is now known as agile software development. “The Agile Manifesto” defined their core values, which was: Individuals and interactions over Processes and tools Working software over […]

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Your buyer wants the toys.

Cracking the Content Marketing Code: The Content Your Buyer REALLY Wants

Very often, B2B organizations put the cart before the horse. They desire with all their hearts to send their offering out on a stage, “performing” mightily for an adoring audience who will then shower the organization with sales orders. “Yes! That widget just sang the most amazing rendition of ‘Hallelujah’ I’ve ever seen! Quick! Someone […]

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