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Don't back away from challenges, embrace them.

Inspirational Monday: Show Some Grit

Mr. Success had just experienced one helluva bad day. Nothing had seemed to go right. It was a double-down stress-filled day and at the end of it, he was wiped out. That’s when his executive assistant reminded him that he had an important black-tie dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria that night with a banker’s convention. Now Mr. Success usually would have relished attending … [Read More...]

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Don't let your website look like this.

Is Your Web Copy A Head-Turner?

One of the most common projects I work on is either creating or revising web copy. Web copy helps market a business in so many ways. It’s like a sandwich-board sign placed in front of your store, enticing those passing by to slow down and take a … [Read More...]

Don't try to please the crowd. Get your vision out there, first.

Inspirational Monday: Don’t Be A Crowd-Pleaser

When I was younger, I was a huge people-pleaser. If I could find out what people wanted, I’d twist myself to meet those expectations. On top of it, I’m an artist. If you know anything about artists, you know that often they’re intensely focused on their … [Read More...]

Use a call to action to move your reader toward buying.

How to Craft A Powerful Call to Action

If content marketing views information as a product, then every product eventually needs an appeal to buy. If you have a product or service you want to sell, you will need a call to action in all of your marketing collateral. Much is said about content … [Read More...]

Me! Me! Me!

To Really Grab Attention, Make It All About You!

Let’s be honest. Buyers are bored with their mundane lives. Not much really excites them. Between mourning the decline of “American Idol” and realizing they don’t know jack about “bracketology,” your buyers are truly living pitiful lives. Poor … [Read More...]

Plant seeds for success.

The Simple Truth About Content Marketing

Although the term “content marketing” is a hot topic among marketers, it isn’t really a new concept. Companies throughout history have always used “content” to sell their products and services. For instance, in 1895 John Deere started a magazine called The … [Read More...]