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Want people to look at you as the expert? It will be easier with this secret.

Inspirational Monday: The Secret for Becoming a Wildly Successful Guru

I’ve been noticing a lot of “gurus” popping up lately. Mainly, I see them in my Facebook News Feed as paid advertising. They are people I’ve never heard of, which doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t have something of value to give. But when it comes to experts, I’m very careful about the people I follow for advice. I’ve evaluated what makes me gravitate toward one expert … [Read More...]

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Take time to be alone with your thoughts.

Inspirational Monday: Enjoy the Quiet

Recently, a study showed that participants preferred to shock themselves rather than spend 15 minutes alone with their thoughts. The journal, Science, conducted the study, and said this: In 11 studies, we found that participants typically did not enjoy … [Read More...]

For the new Agile Marketing, the need for speed is a requirement.

The New Agile Marketing Method

In February 2001, a bunch of software developers got together in Snowbird, Utah to discuss lightweight development methods. They published the Manifesto for Agile Software Development to define what is now known as agile software development. “The Agile … [Read More...]

Friendships make the world go round.

Inspirational Monday: Meet With Friends

Friendships enrich our lives on many levels. A good friend can see your strengths and weaknesses, yet still love you. They forgive your shortcomings yet are your strongest allies when it comes to the game of life. Much goes into building such a … [Read More...]

Ignite your creative fire.

Inspirational Monday: You Are Built To Create

I have a confession to make. The most irritating question I’ve received as a marketer is this: “Let’s check out our competition, conduct some research… what are they doing?” I have wanted to say for many, many years… WHY??? Why is it so … [Read More...]

Get together more often with your contacts.

Why You Still Need Face-to-Face Meetings

In a world driven by technology, the face-to-face meeting has taken a back seat. I just returned from visiting a favorite local restaurant. Looking around, I saw almost 80% of the customers engaging with some type of device. If they weren’t tapping on a … [Read More...]